Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cape Coast

Whew, we had a busy weekend in Cape Coast! Yesterday was packed, but it was all very worth it. We got up early to go to Kakum National Park to go on the canopy walkway. Unfortunately, we did not see any animals, but the walk itself was beautiful! Since you're so high up (in the canopy, obviously), all you can see around you is green, for miles. I didn't have my camera out, since I was so concentrated on taking my next step, but just trust me when I say the view was breathtaking! From Kakum we went to the Cape Coast Castle and had lunch on the ocean (I had some of the best red-red I've ever had - fried plantains are my downfall!) I really enjoyed our tour of the castle. The history is a bit overwhelming, thinking of all the lives lost there, all the families split apart forever, all the heartbreak and devastation...I didn't realize before the tour that there was a church at the castle as well, built right about the male dungeons. As our guide said, I'll let you make your own judgment on that paradox.

After the tour, we all had the chance to shop our hearts out (which I know Kaleigh and I did!) I bought the remainder of my gifts for people, so finally I am done shopping! We walked back to our hotel after that, and I called it a day at that point. (We were spoiled with air conditioning and hot water at that hotel ... what luxury!) Early this afternoon we got back into Winneba for our last three days here! Tomorrow we're hosting the spelling bee at Challenging Heights, and that's our last main event we have before leaving for Accra Wednesday afternoon. Hard to believe, one month has gone by, and it's almost time to go home. It really reminds me to cherish each moment as I have it, since time goes by so quickly! I think on this trip I've spent too much time thinking about how long I had to go before going home, but now I realize that was a waste of time. I really need to enjoy the time as I have it! Nevertheless, I'm glad to be going home this week. See you all soon! :)

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  1. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!! I hope you haven't lost any weight...there wasn't anything extra to lose!! Mom will have to fatten you up and spoil you when you come home! Love you tons...I can't wait until Thursday!!!